Biography and Mission

            Michael Seeley is currently a Junior; he is studying history, government, and classics at Augustana College, a Midwestern liberal arts school. His loves include rain, thoughtful conversation, writing, and the universal language of music. He is an active participant in the Augustana Band and has served on the college's Chapel of Reconciliation's staff since his Freshmen year. In addition to completing his undergraduate work, he will eventually attain a degree in law and hopes to practice among the plains of his home, the Midwest. Looking towards the coming summer in Norway, Michael seeks better understanding on distinct methods for establishing and advocating peace on an individual level. Additionally, as a student of government and politics, he wishes to understand how populations resist political repression and move towards governmental freedom. Finally, as a blond-haired, blue-eyed Dutchman, Michael seeks to understand the newness of Norwegian culture and history.